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Dear Friend,

I am just looking for a “dream” client whom I can guarantee huge outcomes.

If you want to join my provocative program, please sign the list. I will inform you about the opportunity shortly.

    Your provocative consultant – Patrycja Franczak

    • She has innate ability to understand both the minds of the entrepreneur and the consumer – it gives her the uncanny edge in identifying business gaps and opportunities that other business leaders commonly overlook.
    • By a confident presence, she provides leadership with a strong, no-nonsense, yet always fair approach.
    • Many fashion business leaders praise Patrycja Franczak as being extremely perceptive in reading people and situations – making her an invaluable asset to all business decisions.
    • She’s future-minded, every day she and her team translate trends into commercial fashion business success.

    You invest so little, so why am I doing this?

    First of all, I love business. This is what I do best, and it makes me happy when I see another person achieving success (and everything else associated with it) as a result of the help I gave them.

    Secondly, this is how I attract THE BEST customers.

    At the end of the program, one of three things will happen:

    1. You’ll love it and decide to implement it on your own. If this happens, I will wish you a lot of luck and ask if we can keep in touch so that you let me know how everything is going.

    2. You’ll love it and ask to be my 1:1 client. Thanks to this, I will be able to help you perform, maximize and get huge outcomes as soon as possible and provide you with all the support you need.

    If this happens, we will literally take over the WORLD … and this is my promise. Each of my clients achieves results. I mean that. Everyone. Always. Anywhere in the world. Too cocky? I’m just all about results.

    3. It is rather unbelievable, but if you feel like you have lost time, I will send you an electronic version of my book for free! I respect your opinion. No questions asked. Your time is the most valuable asset you have.

    It is really that simple and there is no catch here.

    If you feel that the program is for you, leave an email address below. During 24 hours I will contact you to discuss the opportunity.

      How the process works:

      Step 1: leave an email address to show your interest in my program.

      Step 2: The link to the program purchase will be sent to you 24 hours after. Don’t worry, it’s a small investment and the program itself doesn’t take much time. I just need you to know my viewpoint, catch an idea of ​​what I believe in, what’s my approach and communication style etc.

      Step 3: In this program, you will learn:

      • What is a shame and how society made you
      • Why narcissism and megalomania are advantages and how to stimulate them
      • Victims, martyrs – honestly about people with low self-esteem
      • Perfect and oversensitive – about people paralyzed by shame
      • COMING OUT of the shame
      • How to fall in love with yourself
      • I’ll tell you what joyful sadism is, how to confidently play the life’s game

      Step 4: If you will see the value in my program, agree with my approach, you will get the chance to become my client. Great! I can’t wait to talk about it. And if you don’t become a customer, it’s also OK. And if you tell me that I have wasted your time, you get a FREE book.

      So you literally can’t lose!

      Who else would do that?

      NO ONE – I checked.

      Is this program for you?

      In recent years I have generated millions of total sales for my clients and myself.

      I consulted people from all over the world (see testimonials). These results speak for themselves. That is why I work with the best of the best and have strict criteria and rules for cooperation (everything possible to meet).

      First, you must already have a well-established fashion business.

      My offer is for people who already have a fashion company and just want to grow much faster and go further.

      You should earn a minimum of six digits per year.

      And additionally, I don’t work for total beginners, wanting to “earn millions in a few days”.

      No lazy people trying to scam others.

      You must have a steady stream of leads or customers or at least have a database.

      That means you have traffic and working salespeople.

      You have ads, marketing, on other forms of promotion in place.

      You don’t have to “be everywhere” or be a “giant” market player … you just have to be active on your market already.

      You must have a good product and reputation.

      Everything we do will not only bring you more sales and profits, but we will do it in a way that will create your powerful presence and recognition on the market.

      That is why you must be trustworthy.

      Business consulting is the implementation of the consultant’s recommendations. That’s why you MUST follow my guidelines. (Don’t worry, I won’t be asking you to do weird stuff).

      Finally, if you don’t implement what I gave you, none of us will earn.

      Exactly! These are all my requirements.

      If you meet the given criteria, purchased the program, you can talk to me personally about unbelievable results, I will gladly devote some time to you.


        My offerings have some limitations. I have the maximum number of customers I can take on board. I do not accept new customers due to the amount of time I have to spend on delivering THE BEST. I believe you want nothing less. So it may happen that your application for my program will be rejected or postponed or that our long-term 1:1 cooperation will be impossible.

        Some things are just physically impossible for me. We all have 24 hours.

        You should realize now that what I offer is a unique opportunity.

        So with that in mind, consider that spaces are not available all the time. It happens that the customer has to wait for it for several weeks. That is why it is so important for you to react quickly. And if you are my dream client you will do so.

        Think about it… You invest so little upfront and you won’t receive any sales conversations from me, ever, if you decide you don’t want to be my 1:1 client…

          Intrigued? Since you’re still here, I understand we’re starting?

          Hope to see you on board soon,

          P.S. Do you want to innovate in your fashion business

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