I’ve been called one of the most controversial and mysterious personalities in the broadly understood personal development industry.

For years, I have been running a blog and social profiles on increasing effectiveness, improving business and life. I’m known for my strong opinions and provocative language. I specialize in questioning if what’s being presented to society, makes sense. I don’t accept facts portrayed right away and I’m not gullible. My intention is to make people mentally stronger.

Many can’t handle my approach. They assume it’s all about bullying your way to the top. I will not show you how to succeed at others’ expense. I guide you on how to defend yourself against today’s sick society and the world’s biggest treasures, that cost you money, health or even life. You either acknowledge reality and use it to your own benefit, or it will work against you ( note: it already is!).

Day-to-day I run company where I cooperate with many fashion companies helping them to strategically define, move toward and manage the future amid the challenges of uncertainty and change – to improve business performance and manage change. But now I focus also on a small and dedicated group of individual clients, who wants to nurture her approach and work with her more on a personal level.

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