My take on feminism

Patrycja Franczak

Since my latest activity on social media becomes so popular. I must say I’m not 100% against feminism, I don’t agree with Red Pills either.

I believe that both men and women have their roles. A woman has predispositions to certain tasks, a man has different. The primary purpose of a relationship is to help you evolve into a better version of yourself, BOTH parties. A relationship that doesn’t grow you is pointless.

Both can work, both can cook and clean. Their vision must be shared. A woman should support the goals of a man, and he, in turn, should support her. Neither side should give up themselves completely. Compromises are key, listening to each other. She listens to him because she knows he wants the best for them. He listens to her because he knows she is a wise woman. When you love and respect someone, making them happy makes you happy. Cooking someone else’s dinner won’t jeopardize your own happiness, whether you’re a man or a woman.

I believe that women are addicted to this lifestyle, which is promoted almost everywhere.
It is difficult for them to guarantee themselves this standard,
so they are looking for a millionaire.
If they don’t find him…
They go the easy way
They’re joining OnlyFans or other BS…
Because it’s easy.
Previously, the woman took care of the house and children.
The man was working.
And they were able to build their own home,
support themselves and their children.
Today everyone work crazy hours
and has nothing meaningful!
They’re trying to catch what the world has told them as the Mecca of happiness.
In fact, they go around chasing their own tail.
Women want a man who can do it all.
And even if she gets it, he will have a hell with her.
Because this media “standard” is unattainable.
She will want more and more.
Always unhappy with what she has.
That’s why women nowadays often end up alone, engrossed in feminist talk.
Society has made their “independence”
as the only way to achieve this new (so popular) standard.
Years pass and they still don’t see the problem.
Women are so fucking narcissistic these days.
They think they are special.
But they really have nothing to offer the world.
I think men are accused of everything today.
Today’s women are glorified.
And it should be the other way around.
Women began to dominate thinking it would make them happy.
But that will never satisfy them.
It’s against nature.
They think they deserve everything.
They expect a lot from their partner.
But they don’t work on themselves.
They want a man and then they act single.
My dear ladies…
you won’t find happiness on Instagram.
I invite you to reality.

And if you are not sure – I’m a woman.

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