Freethought detected

You can’t be a master without being a student.

I am pretty much aware of where and when to shut up.

Believe me or not…

I’m quite strategic with my “talking”.

I believe we should be strategic about everything in our life.

There are people I’m quiet around.

I’m observant.

I pay close attention.

I listen.

The reason? I learn from them, I’m curious about something, the situation requires that…

There are people I’m noisy around.

I’m bold.

I’m unstoppable.

Why? I need to stay in the power, I must deliver results, I need to drag more attention…

I respect everyone though.

But I’ve been learning for a really long time that although I wish to live mask-free…

sometimes I must play well to get what I want.

And before you tell me how nasty and calculated person I am…

We all manipulate, one way or another.

We all are psycho in some way.

And if you think about the biggest rebels in history…

they all first matched the crowd, then step by step get into the power.

When I write my posts I always worried that people who will read that…

perhaps… it will be not the right timing…

Will it sound for them as it is supposed to sound?

Will they understand it the way I understand it?

Will this put me in trouble?

You see…

We all have different situations in our life, we are bombarded by all information and those may not go well with the strong content I deliver.

I think about all the times when someone said to me I must delete the profiles, stop publishing…

and you know what.

I publish it anyway.

When someone says I went too far.

I’m sure I reached at least this one person who needed it.

Not everyone is aware of it at the start.

I have people messaging me/ calling me a long time after and admitting I had the point but they didn’t get it at first.

From some I never hear again, their ego eats them.

If you don’t get my shit – you are either lazy, arrogant or stupid.

And that’s ok.

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