From business cloners to future explorers

Today’s change-driven business environment demands constant adaptation. This is no secret, of course, at least that is what I hope for. Successfully leading people and organizations over changing terrain requires not just agility and confidence, but a grounding in well-recognized principles of business innovation, and future exploration. Our future depends on us – leaders, explorers […]

90% of business owners lose but you don’t have to

Do you know that over 90% of business owners lose hundreds of thousands every day? They don’t get enough new clients and their competitors are using it. While working with Clients and observing others I see a common mistake: not focusing on what is the most important but devoting their time to non-important ones. […]

Drive growth, innovation and future of fashion

Ebook “Fashion business in UK“is a library of available business models and revenue models.It’s the ultimate source for future reference.And I must say I haven’t seen anything like this before.I have been reading hundreds of booksfor curiosityfor my studies, MBA too.And yes many strategies, models have been introduced.But not all at once,in one book,shortly explained,just […]

Samsung, Apple, Google are going further. Are you?

When people are coming to me, money is an obvious expectation, wherever they say it or not. And I know it! Perfectly! I remember my business/marketing/sales consultations and these “experts” who denied making any guarantees. At that time it made me furious but while running the business I realised how many different aspects influence the […]