The window of opportunity explained

Chaos created by the pandemic is creating now a 2-3 years window of predicted opportunity.This is something that everyone can benefit from.How?How do you connect the dots?How to put the pieces together?Clues are all around us.Innovation is closer than you think but there is something you are overlooking.In times of change, most people will miss […]

From business cloners to future explorers

Today’s change-driven business environment demands constant adaptation. This is no secret, of course, at least that is what I hope for. Successfully leading people and organizations over changing terrain requires not just agility and confidence, but a grounding in well-recognized principles of business innovation, and future exploration. Our future depends on us – leaders, explorers […]

90% of business owners lose but you don’t have to

Do you know that over 90% of business owners lose hundreds of thousands every day? They don’t get enough new clients and their competitors are using it. While working with Clients and observing others I see a common mistake: not focusing on what is the most important but devoting their time to non-important ones. […]

Drive growth, innovation and future of fashion

Ebook “Fashion business in UK“is a library of available business models and revenue models.It’s the ultimate source for future reference.And I must say I haven’t seen anything like this before.I have been reading hundreds of booksfor curiosityfor my studies, MBA too.And yes many strategies, models have been introduced.But not all at once,in one book,shortly explained,just […]