Do people know what business strategy is?

If you think about lawyers, doctors and IT experts – they all have very specific knowledge and rules to guide them. But there’s no complex book on how to make a business strategy. You can take hundreds of CEOs and ask them what business strategy is and you will get hundred different answers. Don’t even […]

What to ask trend researcher when you want to innovate your business

Lately, I have been promoting monthly subscription offer. It’s a service in which (among many other features) client each month can request special searches and ask additional questions. But to do so everyone needs to understand the power of trends. First, you should tell your trend researcher what is the purpose, goal, desired depth or […] : We help brands innovate

We see what many business owners don’t – the gaps, blind spots, trends, and white spaces. Those ‘right under your nose’ possibilities and ‘never thought about it like that’ true game-changers. We see the stories, perspectives, angles and opportunities. The ways in and out. The tiny tweak that makes big difference. Insight, design and storytelling. […]

Slow down to speed up – time management story

Time for what is most important never will be found on its own.You have to “make” it yourself. Having a business is freedom, they said…Good joke, right? When it does not grow – you have to row to have something to live on.When it grows – you have to row so that you don’t get […]