My ideology

I am for everyone, but not for every one.

I am for those who are winners, highly committed leaders open to unconventional actions.

I am here to help you, but not to please you.

My effectiveness comes in when I lead you to the conversations you were most afraid of.

If it’s easy to offend you, call someone else. (I can refer you someone)

Discomfort is new comfort.

Because every change takes place outside your comfort zone.

Each conversation can change the rules of the game.

But remember that I will never play by your rules.

I conduct every conversation with the intention of giving you the opportunity to experience changes, but without specific expectations for their size.

My offer is created to challenge you.

I will not give you what you want.

It is not for those who are looking for a magic button, a golden key.

Cooperation with me requires a huge effort from you to achieve the expected results.

Mutual trust and respect are necessary for our cooperation.

Know that I will do everything I would do for my company.

You must also know that I do not negotiate.

You want to work with me or not.

If not, I will work with your competitors.

Truth wins.

Despite how uncomfortable or unbearable it can be.

The power of my services is to show you what you can’t see and to say what others don’t dare to say.

Transformation is the only goal.

There is nothing more important.

Change is fast.

You need to act immediately to achieve unbelievable results.

The only thing that slows you down is your resistance.

Integration is necessary.

The results require an application.

You must be honest about what you are saying and what you are actually doing.

You will have to do everything necessary to avoid spoiling what we create together.

All or nothing, all-in or out.

Your results are your responsibility.

You are responsible for making decisions that will lead you to your vision fulfilment and getting what you want from our cooperation.

I expect payment only when you are ready to fully approve my ideology. If I don’t receive this money, our conversation is over.

No offense…

No hassle …

Call when you’re ready.

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