They are fucked. Are they?

You said you’re not a people pleaser but…

You re-edit that post sharing your real thoughts 5 fucking times
so it watered down
and basically have no meaning at all.
But yeah…
no one will take it the “wrong way”.

You comment on every friend’s post
so they will keep liking you
and won’t think you “don’t care”.

You stop what you are doing in seconds to respond to every damn message and call ASAP.
Always politely and fully,
so no one would think you are rude
and above everyone else,
of course!

You stay silent not knowing that this is what hurts you the most.
You quietly agree for everyone to fuck you,
when they want it,
how they want it,
every damn day.

But hey…
They all are fucked!
Not you! For sure!
You deluding yourself, my dear…
You fucking lie!
You are full of shit man.
You are fucked.
You are fucked by the silence you keep.
You are fucked by trying to be liked.
You are fucked by staying diplomatic.
You are fucked by the good person you play.

Wake up, coward.

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