Trauma projection – a problem of our times

Don’t you get the impression that today’s psychologists weaken the mental resilience?

You probably also see the growing importance of the topic of mental health, literally everywhere.

Are you wondering why the world promotes depression?

Why to promote mental illness at every turn?

Well, I have a theory for that…

It’s because you’re so busy living inside your head that you can’t see what’s going on around you…

You focus on “I’m sad, depressed, poor me, why me, I’m so anxious…”.

You are so self-absorbed that you don’t make your own choices, you don’t speak for yourself, you don’t rebel against norms. You stick to the rules the world/society has told you.

After all, a person with low self-esteem will not go out of line, right?

Psychologists talk about traumas and depression making it sound like “everybody got it”, describing the symptoms very briefly.

And suddenly everyone is depressed.

It’s like today’s hate. Any disagreeing opinion means a public lynching.

Nowadays, the human psyche is the weakest in history and it is difficult to hope for improvement when social authorities (willingly – unintentionally) aggravate the problem.

People, I have a solution, lose the rubber in your pants, let some blood flow to your brain.

Sometimes that’s enough.

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