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Welcome to our website. franczak.fashion provides fashion business consultations, strategic sessions, workshops and research services. An outline of this information is provided within this site. The information is generic in nature and we take no responsibility for its usage. By accessing and using this website you acknowledge that you have read these conditions and agree, without limitation, to be bound by them.

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Company Details

Trading Name: Patrycja Franczak
Country: Poland
Email: contact@infuture.fashion

Payments – All Payments Received are to be in Euro

All payments for the products offered by us on this website are to be made in EURO. Infuture.fashion will only be able to process and honour payments made in euro.

franczak.fashion service requires a pay in advance and is non-refundable. The cost is the same for every Client. If the Client hasn’t received value from the service, they can inform about situation Patrycja Franczak via writing to contact@infuture.fashion. The participant is required to advise exactly why they don’t feel value was provided to assist in qualifying their request and improving future services. If the objections will be accurate or If Client chooses to quit for any reason, all compensation will go directly to a charity of Patrycja Frańczak’s choice.

Each Client will get as much as they want from the service. The results are based mainly on effective communication. It is the responsibility of the Client to transparently communicate about needs and wants. It is also the responsibility of the Client to continue the implementation of the strategies. Invoices for any franczak.fashion program are automatically generated and can be requested at any time by emailing contact@infuture.fashion

Hereby, the principal declares that he/she is the owner or a person authorized to conclude contracts and obligations and that the company he/she represents does not use the so-called tax havens.


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Return Policy


After compleating your purchase, your order is processed, and it is too late to cancel or modify it.

There will be no refunds or credits for partial months or for periods in which your subscription remains unused.

Patrycja Franczak reserves the rights to assign other programs and products against this policy and to update the conditions without notice.


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