4 expectations you should kill right now

  1. Waiting for someone to put ready-made solutions under your nose.

People wait for someone to save them. Someone who will jump from the sky and solve all the problems they have. No, no one is coming to save you!

Many of my prospective clients think that I will through the solution in their face in that second, with no payment, instant results – wouldn’t it be amazing? Sure I would take one too.

  1. Lack of patience.

Sometimes implementation takes time, same with the waiting for the results. Sometimes it’s so aggressive how people react if they don’t get what they want in seconds. They come complaining that they tried and it didn’t work but all they did is the one-time activity or they didn’t do anything just waiting and believing the results will come. You must act with long term vision.

What I see – people have big expectations towards results but not enough expectations for the work they put into this.

  1. Expecting golden solution.

One thing that will instantly change everything. No one will jump from the sky so this couldn’t be different…

  1. Opinion and facts conflict.

People come to me saying “I do all the social media and I have no results”. It is their opinion that they do it. 3 posts written 6 months ago – won’t work. And those people confronted with the truth get mad.

I hear:
-“I like writing more than doing videos”
-Ok, show me your blog
-I don’t have a blog.
-So where you publish your texts?
-I don’t

Or “I do a lot, I work so hard “– that’s not true, there’s nothing on the internet whatsoever.

You see… those expectations often fuck with our mindset – make us depressed and stop us from achieving what we truly desire. I think it’s enough to make a decision today to not to do it anymore.

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