Appearance does not matter?

your appearance does not matter?

I know, I know…

people say we need to look inside, don’t judge others based on how they look.

But think about it,

if people don’t know you they will judge based on how you look.

It’s kinda logical, right? (Be honest.)

Some research shows that within 5 seconds people make the impression of you.

It’s so difficult to unmake someones first impression of you.

And it takes work to undo the image that you already got.

What version of you are you bringing to the table?

Who do you speaking to?

Which version of you resonates with different people?

What’s your goal is? (for talking with those people)

But don’t think about the goal like “make them like me” think about goals like “make them tell the true need”, “ sell them a product X” and then guide the conversation toward the goal.

Bringing the version of you doesn’t mean putting on the mask.

Don’t fake it.

Bring the part of you that will speak to the person.

It will be still you.

Do you still believe appearance does not matter?

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