Business negotiations & flight mode

In business, in life, in negotiations, in every situation – people challenge the nerves of other people. All you have to do (in any situation) is to remember what your goal is.

Keep up a poker face, don’t show your emotions. The conversation is like poker: you don’t want a rival to know what your next move is. Think about all emotions your body is showing – it’s not only the face!

Establish confidence and control from the first second. Take unexpected turns along the way.

I don’t care if you are derided, cursed off, rudely dismissed, slapped in the face or get a drink thrown on you. Keep your eyes on the ball… I mean the goal. As Gary Vee said, “don’t hear the bullying, don’t hear the cheering”. No emotions are shown. Constant flight mode.

Don’t believe in the person, don’t believe in the project, believe in yourself. Act accordingly.

Emotion, especially anger, is a weakness at the negotiating table, and if you can’t find your poker face, running a business (selling, negotiating…) is going to be hard for you.

Don’t whine, don’t bitch, don’t pout, don’t curse, don’t get angry, don’t pace, and don’t storm out. Shit happens.

Anxiety is also not the best partner for negotiation. You can’t ask the other side about advice – how they think it should work, how they would price the service. Know your rules. I know that many entrepreneurs by asking for advice want to show how flexible and open they are but what they really are showing is that they are easy to be ripped off.

Leverage your negotiating partner emotions. Do you see him angry, call it out. That way your speaker will be taken off guard. I often use that tip in deal negotiations.

Also if you will lose your temper label it and call out. You can say that you are really passionate, engaged in the project. That will make a difference, it will make you look better.

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