Don’t fear your breakthrough ideas

People can make any breakthrough ideas horrible, even when they are the ones who created them.

I often hear how people “I don’t know if it’s a good idea”, “it’s stupid”, “it’s weird”, “too much risk”, “will it work?”, “who’s gonna finance it”, or “no one does that”, “why to lean out”.

People are scared of uncertainty. I understand and respect that. This is exactly the reason why I build trust on knowledge and experience 🙂

I want you to know that uncertainty always arises when you want to do something new.

Uncertainty = innovation.
Uncertainty is creating.

Then certainty = restore.

That way, if you are not going to live the robot’s life, the uncertainty will always be with you. Every time you do something new, something unexpected may happen.

As we know, life is evolution, that is, innovation.

Hence, life in principle is uncertainty.

If there were certainty in the world, it would mean the end of development, progress and movement.

So uncertainty = life.
Confidence = death.

Ok, if that’s covered I want to get on something else.

Innovation does not need to be new or original. It just needs to be valuable.

Many people thinking about innovation, have an game-changing discovery in mind. Of course, it can be. But it’s pretty rare.

Are there actually any new ideas nowadays?

What if there is no such thing as a new idea?

I see many people get stopped with their innovation efforts because they feel that everything has already been done.

Stop obsessing over novelty…

Focus on value!

Breakthrough ideas need to start somewhere. If it begins with someone’s else idea – that’s ok (as long as you are not copycat). Connect ideas from different industries, old with new solutions, mix things up. Sometimes this mixes may appear weird. Not every cool idea is profitable but I believe that each idea is worth trying.

You know what I do.

Don’t hesitate.

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