Entrepreneurial Rabbit Hole?

A million times I spoke with fashion brands owners who say they do not have time to work on their business (neither business innovation), as they are too busy being busy.

My question to them is always this – what is the main thing you want to achieve?

And their answers often include some of the following:
– get more clients/ better clients
– make more money/put prices up
– build a strong brand
– improve customer service
– spend time on marketing
– build a team

And the end result of the main thing is nearly always: grow a better/stronger/more profitable business.

And then I ask them – what does their day look like?

The replies are something in between: busy fighting fires, working with clients and NOT working on the main thing. They say they find themselves going down a rabbit hole, they don’t know even how/when does it happen and they are lost. The day comes to the end and they promise themselves that tomorrow will be different/better.

If this sounds like you, here are 3 things you can do to keep the main thing THE MAIN thing.

  1. Get clarity on what the main thing is.
    If you could some up your “job” in one/two words what would it be? Sales, business growth, brand positioning? What is your main thing? If your main thing is more than one thing then you need to get clear. Too many hats cut off your effectiveness.
  2. Schedule time in your diary every day for the main thing. You can block the time in each day or make one full day working on this. If there are things to do that doesn’t align with your main thing, find who can do them. If there are things that don’t match your skills, find a person who does that – don’t waste time to learn “how”. Keep the main thing a priority. Reschedule everything else or delegate.
  3. Say NO to everything else. When you have clarity on what you want to achieve step 3 becomes easy. Say no to everything that isn’t the main thing. Knowing what your main thing is, frees up the overwhelm and chaos.

That way, if we will run out of time it is only the less important things that don’t get done.

You are a business owner first and foremost. It’s your main thing.

The idea of ‘Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing’ comes from the book “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.” I highly recommend it.


P.S. Not all fashion entrepreneurs are created equal. When you are ready to become a future-proofed fashion brand here is how you can get help:

1. Order Team Strategic Session – 2 days (It involves gathering representatives of selected company departments in one place, over one goal/topic. The goal of their creative work is to generate various business concepts/ideas/options, analyze them and propose actions)

10.000 PLN net (≈ 2 185 EUR) + travel expenses and accommodation costs (Bydgoszcz, Poland – your location)

2. Hire infuture.fashion Department – 12 months of virtual cooperation across strategy, marketing, sales and product development innovation (informed opinions, a global perspective, forward thinking, true partnership, winning approach – 100%).

To be discussed after the strategic session with your team.

3. Have 45 min Consultation – phone or online session with one-month email support (pick my brain, ask me all your questions, learn steps, walk away with tools)

790 PLN net (≈ 175 EUR)

4. Attend Fashion Business Expo in Dubai – 5 days, Autumn 2020, up to 12 spaces

(Main attraction Dubai Expo 2020; Airfare, accommodation, and meals are NOT included, must have at least communicative level of English)

10 000 PLN net (≈ 2 185 EUR)

Write to me contact@infuture.fashion

We all have 24 hours in a day. Think about it. Contact me. Talk to me. Get results. Fast.

WARNING: I never negotiate rates, I don’t break down payments into instalments. No refunds. You either want it or you don’t (begging and convincing not included).

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