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Strategy of small steps.

  1. The real results are the result of taking small steps. One by one.

Most people love success stories. That one big aha moment that changes everything. Meanwhile, it’s a big lie. Usually, many small steps contribute to something big.

Look at the story of Netflix. It goes like this: “Reed went to rent a movie to Blockbuster and forgot to return it. He got a punishment, so he rebelled and started Netflix. ” It’s just a marketing mush (!) The truth is that Marc Randolph, the originator of Netflix, gave Reed hundreds of silly ideas every day until they came up with something amazing. One moment never changes everything. Look at McDonald’s story. We know this brand as an international giant that out of nowhere changed street food market. It has many ups and downs before it evolves into a huge corporation.

  1. The brain doesn’t like abrupt changes.

We don’t like big changes evolutionarily because they cause stress. Stress cuts creativity. Therefore, it is easier to make minor changes. Someone wrote in a comment on how to start a business. It’s not like you will do it overnight. Take small steps towards starting a business. Small steps every day will push you towards the goals.

  1. The strategy of small steps in companies is called Kaizen

It is about improving the organization by making small changes to the resources that the company has. For example, there is a doctor who has a large number of patients. Patients are scheduled by the hour, but visits are prolonged and waiting in the waiting room, which makes people angry. You can take the patients’ phone number and call them if the visit is prolonged. This way the patient is happier. Minor improvements make big changes.

The most important thing is that people want to report their willingness to change themselves:

  • ask them what irritates them about their work
  • what 1 small thing can be improved
  • what you think is meaningless

You might be surprised with results.

Any thoughts?

See you in the next post,

Patrycja Franczak

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