How limitation brings value in business

Maybe my work etiquette is uncomfortable, maybe scary, but it’s just what you need. If you feel overwhelmed, if the pressure is raised and you are simply not happy with your business – it’s time to take rapid action and leave all the bullshit aside. I don’t want people who are aspiring professionals, who just starting out. They are dreaming about successful business in the fashion industry but do nothing. They are dreaming and wishing. They talk all the time about changing their lives but they don’t do it. Those people are full of shit! Their actions don’t match with what they say they want to do. It’s like people who want to lose some weight, but every day they order a pizza with extra cheese. They say one thing and do something different… The same with gym membership they will go once, max twice and that’s it. It’s not what I want. I’m helping the ambitious – often already successful people. I’m helping them move to the completely new next level of success.

I will not do the work for you. I’m not in the business of turning losers into winners. I’m sorry, but I can’t fix people. I don’t say I didn’t try to do that. I did try! Not once! Always with the same results. Those people are just a pain in the ass. I respect them but I don’t need that shit in my life. Seriously, I don’t! When I work with those people it feels like I’m dragging them. It’s hard for me, but also for them. It often looks like we speak different languages. I try to rescue them. I put so much effort, energy into working with them. Then they bitch at me for an hour, because they been expecting overnight success. They never did what I said, but at least this time they can blame someone else for their mistakes. It’s a waste of time for me, but also for them. Nobody goes anywhere, and there’s so much of this negative energy.

I’m helping winners win more. I’m sick of getting desperate messages asking for help. Don’t waste my time for poor messages, begging me. I’m giving so much stuff for free – the blog, social media, videos, live streams – you can eat this all! There is a lot of value! If you will really practice this knowledge you will get results. Also, there are short-term opportunities ready to instant buy like 45 minutes consultation. No questions asked. You can try that too. But remember I can’t fix in 45 minutes or even a whole day something that you’ve been destroying for months or even years!

I work with people who are willing to invest in themselves. These people inspire me. They understand the process. They know how time-consuming success is. They are committed. They understand the value. They have habits, work ethic, a mindset in place. They are 90% there, all I need to do is take them up this extra 10%. That’s why I filter people I work with. That’s why my high paid tickets are by request or invitation only and start with a phone call- that is free but only if you will pass the application request.

I never go out for business meetings, I make them online. I also don’t call people, they do it first. I don’t take unscheduled calls. So if you are trying to reach me, it’s best to e-mail me. I’m checking my emails every single day – I also have people for that. I have a sense of purpose and I experience deep fulfilment. I love what I do. I love to have power. I don’t write proposals, I don’t pitch – trying to convince that I’m worth it. I know I am! I have nothing to prove! Let’s say for some reason I would write the proposal, what happens next? By doing it, I’m giving the prospect a power. They need to choose, decide. If I follow up too much after sending the proposal, they will think I’m desperate. If I don’t follow up they may think I’m not determined and I will lose the sale just like that. So I’m not wasting my time to even bother about writing it. There’s always another client so why I should waste my time for preparing proposals and pitch people. The only document I’m preparing is agreement after they pay. I want to deal with people, who want to deal with me – simple as that.


P.S. Not all fashion entrepreneurs are created equal. When you are ready to become a future-proofed fashion brand here is how you can get help:

1. Order Team Strategic Session – 2 days (It involves gathering representatives of selected company departments in one place, over one goal/topic. The goal of their creative work is to generate various business concepts/ideas/options, analyze them and propose actions)

10.000 PLN net (≈ 2 185 EUR) + travel expenses and accommodation costs (Bydgoszcz, Poland – your location)

2. Hire Department – 12 months of virtual cooperation across strategy, marketing, sales and product development innovation (informed opinions, a global perspective, forward thinking, true partnership, winning approach – 100%).

To be discussed after the strategic session with your team.

3. Have 45 min Consultation – phone or online session with one-month email support (pick my brain, ask me all your questions, learn steps, walk away with tools)

790 PLN net (≈ 175 EUR)

4. Attend Fashion Business Expo in Dubai – 5 days, Autumn 2020, up to 12 spaces

(Main attraction Dubai Expo 2020; Airfare, accommodation, and meals are NOT included, must have at least communicative level of English)

10 000 PLN net (≈ 2 185 EUR)

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