How To Stop Procrastinating

Everyone wants to be successful, but no one wants to actually do the work.

Procrastination- it’s a common struggle for many people.

Why? Because humans are lazy. It’s just the way it is!

To fully explain you the topic I will use a simple example of doing a pushup.

What would you do if I will ask you now to do the pushups? Would you do them straight away? Would you ask me why you should do them? Would you say you’re not prepared?

Doing a pushup it’s not a complicated thing. Everyone knows how to do them. But many of us will not do them because of different reasons. This excuse is not only connected to an activity which is doing the pushups but to all the choices we make in our business and life.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic. Let me show you popular bullshit we tell ourselves.

  1. Perfectionism– do pushups? Let me find the right angle. Oh, first I need to change my clothes. Ok, I’m ready. Let me find a good space to do them.
  2. Laziness — do pushups? Well, that’s hard. I never did it before. My body is not prepared, I could get some injured or my back would hurt so badly tomorrow morning.
  3. Comparing — do pushups? I can do 10 but I know the guy who can do 20. He’s not an athlete, but he’s better than me. I saw a video on YouTube where 2-year-old girl did 30 pushups on one hand. I would never do that, so… I suck. I’m not gonna even try… I will save myself some embarrassment.
  4. Time travelling– do pushups? Do I really want to do them? Would I benefit from that? It will probably shape my muscles. Maybe my future husband won’t like my muscles… I’m quite tinny it may look funny in a few weeks.
  5. Dumb — do push-ups? I don’t know how? I need to read about it, get some studying. I need to know precisely how to do them. I’m sure there are so many resources I can use. I can’t miss any of them. Let’s start with 15 ways how to start an active life.
  6. Jumper — do pushups? Ok, let’s try. Someone is coming around asking why you do pushups, it’s not good for your body, this method sucks. Experts said that according to the research it would be better for the human body to do squats instead of pushups. Ok, maybe you’re right. I will try squats. You wake up the next morning and you see the interview with some athletes who are saying that squats are old-fashioned and people should start running. You listen to this interview, look at the body of a professional athlete and you start running instead of doing squats. You jump from one idea to another depends on what is the information of the day.
  7. Shit maker– do pushups? Ok, but what if I will break something? There are too many people, they will laugh. They will say I’m a loser. No, I can’t do the pushups.

I just asked to do the pushup! I didn’t say do them every day, do a hundred of them! It could be only one but we are masters in finding excuses…

You need to TRUST yourself, take rapid action. It will push you through this bullshit. I use the pushups as an example, but we are using this kind of excuses in everything we do! We should be more aware of that. If you see your shitting yourself, move your body. Dance, jump, do the pushups! Change your body state and your mental state at the same time. Don’t count on your motivation. Humans are lazy! Don’t say I will do when I will feel like it. It may never happen!

Discipline is overrated you can’t put so much pressure on yourself. I’m sure you have already a lot of overwhelm and stress on your back, you don’t need more. Integrate the task with your daily life. It should feel like- it’s just what I do. Manage yourself better and your business will be better. Behaviour is the key to success.

Successful business owner? You need to behave like it.

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