turns down 120k deal to stay align with branding

We turned down a 120.000 EUR deal.

He wanted us to manage his brand’s digital side.

But there was one problem.

When we decided to sign the contract.

The whole document was in blanco.

How can we sign it then?

We asked him politely to fill up the lines on the terms both sides agreed on.

He wasn’t happy.

It was odd.

We did small research.

And we didn’t like what we found.

Many negative opinions,

People asking for their money.

Old equipment and coooolddd office,

low paid employees,

unhappy business partners,

no budget for… anything!

And high expectations – whos never experience that before?

No one.

I bet.

We didn’t take the deal.

Reputation is not only the work you do but also who you do it with.

Since then, a strong “red rope“ strategy in place.

Not every deal is a good deal.

Every brand must stay align with branding.

Lesson: make the research first don’t be blind because of money ready on the table. You have the right to choose your clients. So choose them well.

Any thoughts?

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