Lack of business innovation can put your company out of business

Business innovation creates the most successful companies.

Design thinking. Innovation. Open innovation. Disruptive innovation. There are scores of books and articles about innovation (and I write another!). Countless events and workshops dedicated to it, and numerous processes and methodologies developed. Many times the term “innovation” is overused, but today not about that…

In advance to lead the market and differentiate your brand, you must disrupt, do something that others don’t. Real market disruption comes from business innovation. You won’t win the world doing what everybody else is doing. Look at the most successful companies, the well-known brands. They all disrupted the world, they came up with something entirely new.

Business innovators concentrate on creating entirely new ways to meet goals. With business innovation, we can accomplish things that people couldn’t even imagine before. Creating innovations doesn’t come easily. It’s not comfortable, there’s a risk involved. And it comes much easier to innovate around the product than it is to create business innovation. Why? Well, I think we know more about product innovation, that means smaller risk and an often smaller investment. With business innovation things are tricky, more complicated, but not always. Speaking from my experience, I completed disruptive projects that oscillated around assets that were already available in the company. So, nothing is impossible.

Do you need to innovate to be successful in business? YES. The lack of business innovation can put you out of business quicker than you can imagine. The world is changing so you should too. A few years back, you could do what everybody else was doing. Now things have changed, the market is different. In order to thrive, you must innovate.

I hope you now know that things must change. If you want to create innovation in your business, around strategy, marketing, sales… don’t hesitate to contact me. There’s a free opportunity for you.

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