My answer to coronavirus

Are you wondering how to adapt your fashion business to the current coronavirus situation in the case of SALES?

Your boutique does not bring such profits as before? It may be even closed and you need to switch the sales team to work remotely…

Do you need someone who will help you to look at the situation from the side and work out solutions to your problems?

I will answer all your questions via private messages – on my Instagram – through DMs. FOR FREE!

I want to help. Honestly.

I will share with you the knowledge that I have gained over the past 10 years, wherein the last 6 years of running my companies I have changed my thinking and business rules very much, which meant that the current situation has not changed much in my initiatives. I use good practices that I developed through all built brands, business consultations and professional career. That is why I am sure that they will work in your fashion business, regardless of its size and character.

Why do I want to help you solve problems for FREE? Because I know that running a business can be difficult. I know the problems of fashion entrepreneurs, and what many of them experience today. I have experienced the same several times in recent years. There were moments of huge changes for which I am extremely grateful NOW because they give me the choice and the feeling that at any moment, regardless of the circumstances, I am able to continue functioning. That is why my goal is to help other fashion entrepreneurs adapt to the current market situation.

I warmly invite you to exchange messages. It’s totally FREE, and it can have a real impact on your financial results.

I start replying to messages tomorrow (Monday, 22/03/2020) at 8:00, but you can send me your questions NOW.

See you in DM!

Link to my Instagram >>HERE<<

P.S. share the info about the action with everyone whos may need this service. THEY and I will highly appreciate it.

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