Overcoming sales objections

Tell me how often do you meet with objections? ⁠

Each of us surely had such a client in the past, or such a person with them, where on the agenda was like an antiqued mantra: “This is far too expensive!”, “It won’t be useful to me!”, “I don’t know … I’m not happy with it “or “I have to think it over …”. That’s right, right? Fortunately, I manage with such people.⁠

Do you know how I did it? I’m certainly not preparing a set of tactics and I’m not inclined to deliberate manipulation. At the beginning I start the conversation, I agree with him and listen to what he has to say. I avoid lines like: “I don’t agree with you” or “I don’t think so.” This is not a good approach, even if your point of view is different from the one you are just talking to.⁠

Remember that nobody wants to be attacked in a conversation. Instead, I just say that I understand his point of view and I am honestly glad that he has just raised this topic. Only then I try to move “to the other side of the bridge” – from objection to interest and consent to considering potential cooperation.⁠

Do you know what the most common mistake is? That you want to enter sales communication mode too quickly. This is negatively perceived by the interlocutor, and if it is a sales conversation, then the customer immediately thinks that “she wants to sell me something!” This approach burns bridges. In the beginning, you need to understand what the interlocutor is thinking about, what really hurts him and what is the reason that blocks him.⁠

There’s also a different approach to dealing with clients objections. Not sure what I’m talking about? Send me an email contact@franczak.fashion and I will explain that. ⁠


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