Talk to me, fashion CEOs

Can I pick up your brain? Do you have time for a call? Can we go for a coffee…

It’s not that you can’t, or I won’t, but…

These are questions/requests I get on the daily. Imagine if I grabbed a coffee, jump on the call, and let people “pick my brain” all day, every day…

1. I’d be drained (for sure!)
2. I’d have no energy or time for my actual clients
3. I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills (period.)

I said once that I care only for people who pay me…

Hear me out. I respect everyone. I’ve been there myself! I’m a HUGE supporter of mentors, but also a massive advocate for investing in yourself and setting up own barriers.

I know:
• you’re too busy
• it’s too expensive
• you’re not sure what you want to do yet

I’m listening; you’ve asked, so…

I want to bring YOU a 45 minutes consultation where we’ll dive deep into what it really takes to market & monetize your ideas.

No, not through paid posts, and no you do not need a big following! Look at my social media – I don’t have big following – but I get paid consistently.

I’m 10 years in fashion and over 6 years in business. I’m laying it ALL out on the table!

I created 1:1 consultation, so you can:
✅ Pick my brain
✅ Ask me ALL your questions
✅ Learn tangible steps that you can implement immediately
✅ Walk away with tools that will change your life and business
✅ Hear firsthand from industry expert, and active entrepreneur

Whether you barely have an idea or you’re bringing in a few thousand a month, the consultation is for you!

If you somehow will not find value on this consultation, I will pass the money from your ticket to charity, plus I will publicly share this fact on my social media.

Spots are extremely limited; so yeah, don’t wait!

Let’s go, let’s grow!

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