The truth about many businesses is brutal

I’ve heard so much about myself:

– bandit – true

– terrorist – maybe

– mafia – o.o

– Do not approach her table without the seat belts fasten – true

– a surgeon who works without anaesthesia – true, is supposed to hurt

– I will bring you to the court for mobbing – go ahead if you feel so.

– you act like you want to replace the President – never! Btw I am the President of my pants – every day. I don’t need more 😉

– your style is inappropriate – well, depends…

– change them – no, first YOU

– behave properly – OK, what do you mean?

Yes, yes, working with me is not easy. It hurts because I say how it is and not… “yes, Mr President, of course, we will investigate…”

I will not applaud like a clapper. I appear insolent because the truth is insolent.

You will be tired after working with me. But I will be tired too. Are you ready for that? Because I am!

People say: don’t move the shit because it stinks. In business, however, this does not work, and the effects of scent can be catastrophic, sometimes impossible to undo.

The truth about many businesses is brutal, which is why you don’t sit down and see it, right?! People don’t want to think about it because this is in some way more convenient, or maybe rather less touching …

Finally, the problems escalate and are much larger than expected.

Is it better to know or pretend you don’t know?

Will it fix itself just like that?

Probably not.

So what are you gonna do with it?

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