The truth that many business owners can’t see

You don’t lead. Well-fitted jeans doesn’t mean that you are healthy.

I’m not gonna lie to you.
You ain’t lit.

Many times we call ourselves “market leaders”, “no.1″… and many times its just marketing tactics that have nothing to do with the truth.

Your product or service may not be as amazing as you think.

Your passion and/or great colour of the product doesn’t mean that it’s valuable for people.

I don’t care how much you love this product or how long you have been working on that.

Business is not romance.

It’s not gonna always be beautiful and feel lovely. Many times it’s more about work and unpleasant truth. It’s better to understand that sooner than later…

Speaking about your budget revenue and money situation, in general, may feel uncomfortable but – it will help you see the situation clearly. Some people avoid numbers they focus on their dream target instead of the money they actually made. Measure your work daily 500$ per day and you did only 200$? What’s happened? How you can make this money tomorrow?

Often, your brand is not polished. Confusion, too many information, different messages across platforms or unattractive packaging are very popular mistakes. And you wonder why you can’t get people to pay…

Your offer is not clear or strong enough. Avoid white noise, cliche terms… What are the results? Do you have proof?

Inconsistent, random actions give random results. Your full calendar does not matter! 9 out 10 entrepreneurs don’t work hard enough.

Do you have personal problems? Your audience doesn’t care! Get your shit together and schedule in advance, have a plan for an emergency situation or hire someone.

I may not feel like it but I like money so there’s no freaking way I will pass on the right opportunity.

Leverage your resources and social media.

Look the truth in the eyes or get someone who will.

You know what I do.

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