Unconventional Conversations VS Chats

I don’t JUST talk…

I’m proudly sharing with people that I help fashion professionals reach impossible through unconventional conversations.

And people I suprised that I get paid for just talking.. but it’s not JUST talking.

My unconventional conversations are not “just talking”, those conversations are design to shake your world, give you a breakthrough!

These conversations are created to support you, not to please you.

It’s not a way to make friends and ask you 10 most popular networking questions.

My clients are doing introduction in onboarding process- it is a short form with the most important questions.

I worked with so many experts, coaches, consultants and get furious because of how the session look like. You buying 1 hour session but this whole time was just introduction, you want to do more? You have to pay more. Ehh..

I don’t want to chat. I want to create results. I want to create them fast!

The only way to make the session so powerful is make it unconventional.

My sessions are designed not only to add value to people’s life, but to transform it.

I want my clients to have total clarity as to what they want in life, be unstoppable and confident, become an incredible leader, and operate at the highest level of performance possible.

I work differently with everybody simply because there’s no two the same people in the world. There’s no script, secret formula for the conversation. I’m playing full out and I expect you to do the same.

I know that coaches, consultants always have some kind of program – not me! I was using services of many experts with no results. When I was reading the description/ sales page I was inspired. I felt like I need it but after all it was not for me. It didn’t solve my problems.

That’s why it was so important to me to do things differently.

What can I do for you? contact@infuture.fashion

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