What to ask trend researcher when you want to innovate your business

Lately, I have been promoting monthly subscription offer. It’s a service in which (among many other features) client each month can request special searches and ask additional questions. But to do so everyone needs to understand the power of trends.

First, you should tell your trend researcher what is the purpose, goal, desired depth or how broad should the research be. I’m amazed by all those trend researchers who just send generic information about trends and not tangle it with the client’s business.

Ask your researcher if certain insights are a long-term thing or just a hype – current buzz may not be the thing your business needs right now.

You can let your researcher compare the insights over time and give market signals so that whatever will come next you will know it.

With trend research, it is possible to discover hidden niches and get unexpected insights to create disruptive creative executions.

Trend research can help you make solid business decisions. Trends help you get insights on what people need.

Trend research is worth doing when you have an upcoming project or presentation – to get some numbers, to see if the project idea is worth pursuing.

And having a trend researcher itself is a great way to streamline your innovation production. Instead of evaluating endless bases of information, you have someone who gives ideas just for your brand, knowing the resources and goals you have.

Trend research can help in different stages. There’s plenty of space for innovation in business.

  • the way you make money,
  • the way you connect with others,
  • alighment of your talent and assets,
  • product performance,
  • new chanels to market,
  • new ways of promotion,
  • brainstorming of new products, systems, business models,
  • support and enhancements that surround your offerings,
  • how your offerings are delivered to customers and users,
  • clearer brand differentiation & positioning,
  • customer engagement,
  • growth opportunieties and partnerships making.

You can be state of the art. Prevent dangerous standstills and increase the impact of your fashion projects.

The way infuture.fashion works is: we start with an individual assessment to see your business model, added values, competitive advantages, brand goals, business goals, internal sales process. During the assessment, you have the opportunity to meet your dedicated advisor. I think it is a very important step. Consultant and client must be on the same page. And the assessment is great for topic selection so you will get only information suitable for your needs and wants. And as I said each month you can request a special search, ask questions. Once a month on the 25th day you will get the report in form of an email. Where we share high-level insights (megatrends, key opportunities), market insights (must see examples and competitors dynamic), provoking questions to force you to act on those insights, ideas just for your brand + the comments on your last month moves, and we finish with the answers to your questions and special search request.

If you need more information, please contact us.


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