What’s your addiction?

What’s the reason for you forgetting your true calling.
What are your distractions?
What are your displacement activities?
You keep yourself busy at all times but what are you doing actually don’t push you further?
Do you keep your shadow career? The one which makes you unhappy but you stick with it.

Why we are letting our addictions win?
I know why.
It’s because to follow a calling requires work.
It’s hard.
It hurts.
It demands to put effort, taking risks and making the exposure.

You started a business but you don’t have results?
You are addicted too.
You play shadow startup.

We are amateurs living in the past or dreaming of the future, fighting to do the work necessary to progress.

But what is our unconscious trying to tell us?
What we are trying to avoid?

I believe it is important to have a person to discuss business with.

Not a random person though.

It’s important to have a person with whom you can disagree,
even though this may piss you off at that moment…
this is how you get somewhere!

If you always tiptoeing around people, clients…
you never get anywhere!
You can’t make great things happen by being a slave.

What objection I get quite often is that you share your ideas with that person and what if he/she will pass this idea to someone or decide to do it on their own.

If I would think about ‘what if’ I would be dead already.
You must have trust in people and great security procedures in place (as simple as NDA disclosure).

Looking for THIS kind of person? Here I am.

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