When even the best business innovation consultant won’t help you

⛔ You are lazy and have excuses for everything, especially for systematically collecting and implementing ideas.
⛔ You want to sell so badly that you spam everything, everyone, everywhere.
⛔ Your salespeople are already working on vacation and you still hope that they will create innovations.
⛔ Your Marketing Department always knows best and does not listen to salespeople’s needs.
⛔ Your Sales Department does not talk to the Marketing Department.
⛔ There is no one delegated to deal with business innovation.
⛔ Employees do not follow up on ideas and it turns out that everyone writes in the drawer.
⛔ Your initiatives are as empty as pasta without sauce, so they don’t attract customers.
⛔ You want to have results right away and you forgetting that you always have to work for them.
⛔ You hope that the consultant magically will make you open to changes but you know better – as always!
⛔ You do not know who your customer is and you expect that the actions you take will attract them.
⛔ You do not know what you are better at than the competition and you hope that the readers will see the difference.
⛔ You always act the same and you are afraid to get out of your comfort zone and act differently at least once.
⛔ You think that consultations alone are enough for you and you forget that it takes two to tango. If you don’t act, you won’t get.

Still do not want? Then close this page. Why should you earn more? Stay where you are forever.

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