Why innovation is the key to effective marketing

When we’ve entered a new year and even a few weeks before, the posts on how to do marketing in 2020 was thriving. Tips, tricks, tools… all kind of advice could be discovered. Many of them were just copy-paste from all marketing tips available elsewhere. We can see that all those marketing solutions can be useful. However, the effectiveness of those methods is dropping. Everyone is using it, so it stopped working the way we want.

Today I want to say that you shouldn’t cross out all the marketing tips you see. I dare you to play with them, tweak them a little bit.

Let me show you how to use popular marketing tactics differently.

  1. DM – there are many marketing experts telling us to DM others. They explain that the IG algorithm is funky and DMs now are the most useful. So many of us send DM or receive but all as a text. What if we would play with it a little bit? What if we send this DM as a video or voice recording? Would it be different than thousands of other DMs?
  2. Video marketing is no longer an option. People are watching more videos than ever before. And we saw that raise on every platform we use. How to innovate across this? Let’s play with them. Pranks, 360-degree videos, motivational video, presentation + voiceover, lifestyle video + voiceover, storytelling video) and don’t forget about the subtitles for those who watch with sound off.
  3. Content. Yep, that’s an old one but still accurate. But what if we could make it more interactive? Use quizzes, pools, questions. Use co-hosting, invite your fans to exchange ideas – LIVE. Try to communicate through animations, cartoons, chats graphic too. Sharing content from other people is also a good idea. But do it wisely too. ex. while you sharing someone’s posts as your IG stories, say what you value the most in the author of the post, or whats your 1 takeaway from that post. Also, make some introduction before and after shared post. And also make sure you are sharing your content too. Resharing on its own won’t be as effective as making your own content around it.

Innovate, or be left behind.

Things are moving fast in the marketing world. In 2020, technology, video marketing and interactive content is among the most prominent trends.

There’s never a time for a business to stand still, wait for the results to come. You must generate them, innovate in everything you do. I dare you to think differently about everything.

Doing what everyone else is doing won’t make you successful. It won’t be effective.

Which of my marketing innovations will you try first?

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