Let’s get naked…

10 things you may not know about me

  1. I was a synchronic swimmer for a long time (two silver medals, many publications in local media)
  2. I swear only when I speak English. Moreover, it’s making me furious when people swear in polish (I’m Polish btw).
  3. My direct approach is often mistaken with arrogance.
  4. I can’t handle average (at anything). I have sick ambitions.
  5. I’m a highly sensitive person. Many confuse sensitivity with weakness.
  6. I’m as materialistic as spiritual.
  7. I’m a crazy cat person from an early age.
  8. When I start laughing I’m often unable to stop. Many times the situation is not funny at all but I can’t stop anyway.
  9. I like singing loudly, outside when its dark and I can’t see anyone around.
  10. I wear black a lot! I have a few white pieces too.

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