Can you deal with honesty?

What is the reality of being honest in todays world?

People say what we want to hear…

Is something bad with it?

If feels so good! People agree with us! They approve our ideas and compliment us…


People becomes clones of each other. They are afraid to have their own opinions and do things differently. It’s so hard to find authentic relationships. The society is fake.

The truth may be uncomfortable.

Sometimes even painful.

If someone is honest with us, we are angry. We perceive this person as annoying.

We avoid any contact with that person!

The truth is… we all expect rapid change.

We are waiting for things to change.

But we do absolutely nothing to create that change.

We know exactly what to do, we just don’t do it!

It’s not enough to be honest once.

We need to be honest every day, every minute.

And we need to learn to appreciate honesty and authenticity.

We need to show society new direction. Connect with people on a completely different level.

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