8 Epic Tips How to Present Innovative Idea

Presenting your work is an important part of the innovation process… We are asked by many professionals about how to present innovative idea. Today we are going to look into tips on how to present your work in and win the people’s heart.

#1 Make sure you designing right thing

Fully understand the goals. Ask additional questions.

#2 Prepare for every single meeting

Organize your thoughts so you can guide others over your work at all times.

#3 Do not share only the final result

Share full creative process. It will help others understand your decisions and let them feel as a part of it – that’s really important! People want to be a part of it!

#4 Show your work in the real context

Words can be often misleading. Visualisation will help others imagine how it will look like in real word environment.

#5 Back up your work with actual data and research

Data can help you convince others that your innovation is the right way to go.

#6 Stop monologue

Let others ask questions and disagree with you. That’s the only way for them to fully understand.

#7 Outline the next steps

People need to know what to expect next. Risk and alternatives are welcome. Idea on its own means nothing!

#8 Try to give something extra

Challenge your idea, push further even if no one else is doing it. Even if no one expect you to. Uncomfortable? Too much? Great!

We know that presentation of work is often overlooked topic … However you can be the best innovator in the world, but if you can not present your work effectively you can lose the team… in our case: the client.

Which one is your favorite tip on how to present innovative idea? Let us know the number in the comments below.

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