About my so-called unconventional approach

I was used to be extremely friendly, positive and supportive towards my clients: “you are ok”, “you are valuable”, “you are worth it”, “you can do it”, “I see huge potential”, “you can have it”, “I understand how you feel” and so on.

I would also tell everyone I’m the right person for the job. Whatever they need – I will do. Short time? – I will manage.

I’m tired of just thinking about it!

We all want things but we must accept that some are just impossible for us.

So now instead of saying “you can have it all”
I say “you are right you probably won’t make it”

Sometimes the client is confused and irritated by my approach. In fact, I rarely get gratitude as a first response – more often is confusion.

And you know… I had the most enthusiastic prospects that run away after throwing the truth in their face. Because as you read it seems to be an interesting and cool approach. In fact, it is. But it also risky. You don’t know what kind of ball I will throw in you.

But think about it: why do you think people come to me at the first place?

Because they want a different future.

Their current thinking, behaving brought them to me. So to deliver I must point the shit out.

I will not be dragging the client – never.

My sessions are intense. And… I used to do long intakes. Taking a client’s story, different life stages, an overview of their problems, strategies they used and more. Now I see the difference between responsibility and guilt. And I don’t care about sloppy history. My job is to influence the client.

I don’t talk about myself either – I believe they know what they doing.

And yes, sometimes people come to me to just experience my approach, but that doesn’t work either. If you came to sightseeing, your mental investment is too low. I need a real emotional involvement. Plus, now I require a deposit so I have less “testers” coming to me.

I’m not afraid of a client walking out. It will generate insights for him sooner or later and I will get another client anyway.

What do you think?

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