90% of business owners lose but you don’t have to

Do you know that over 90% of business owners lose hundreds of thousands every day?

They don’t get enough new clients and their competitors are using it.

While working with infuture.fashion Clients and observing others I see a common mistake:

not focusing on what is the most important but devoting their time to non-important ones.

Choosing their brochure colour, making a new logo, re-designing website…

while they could bring new clients in.

I saw this many times.

Problems are everywhere

with everything…

but when you have enough clients coming in,

the situation is different.

I see business owners limiting their budget for marketing and sales,

lowering their prices,

but this is the way in which they cut their profits.

They wrongly believe that this is the way to survive,

the clients will not come to you magically.

Yes you can serve a friend of a friend,

but how long will that last?

You have no certainty whether or not you will get enough referrals.

Am I right?

But this is the time infuture.fashion comes in.

We offer consultations, workshops, development trips for fashion teams, trend research, brand and innovation management.

We find ways your business can profitably innovate.

We don’t lose your time and money on unimportant things, outdated methods.

We focus on delivering you new growth.

Let me be clear,

you decide on what you want,

and what strategy do you want to pursue.

You are not obligated to work with us.

We won’t send you emails to beg you to buy.

We want to work with you only when you are ready,

if you are not – don’t waste each other’s time.


know this,

the worst solution for you are the free consultations and 4,99 ebooks that promise you happily ever after.

Based on 10 years of experience we designed a BMA consultation,

it is a session that starts every cooperation,

it is the time when we talk about your business, goals and needs, previous actions and trends.

You have a great opportunity to sense how we deliver the value.

During the consultation we make a custom strategy,

you decide if you want to implement it on your own or if you prefer to continue with us.

We can help you in several ways,

we can spice up your offer and brand communication,

show new directions and position your brand for success,

and help to innovate in sales, marketing, product, and strategy.

Is that something you want to try?

Drop a few lines at contact@infuture.fashion

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