Are you the slave?

I don’t try to change the world.

I try to play its rules.

And while so many people tell me I try to fight the invisible.

I’m not fighting it.

It’s not a perfect world!

Although so many try to make it look like it is…

Saying the world is not perfect is so negative.

I know.

You are saying things to be liked,

to belong to the group,

to be accepted.

Some of you will say nothing at all!

That’s fine too.

Everyone in this world has a role to play.

I’m dominant,

are you the slave?

I know.

If you don’t want people to disagree with you…

Be normal,

fit it,

be mediocre.

Walk like them,

dress like them,

think like them,

act like them.

Go where they go.

There’s one thing you can be sure about,

people won’t pay attention to you.

Is that what you dreamed of?

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