A proven way how not to kill innovation in business

Three models for introducing business innovation:

1.unleashing employees, following the principle that innovation is part of the daily duties of every employee. Apparently ok, because with the right motivation, employees will implement numerous projects. However, we know reality and we know that employees are busy. They have their duties, and after they finish, they don’t have much time and energy (+ motivation) to create innovation. Sure, you are the boss and you can snatch a percentage of the time of one, second and third employee, but it will be difficult for you to take the time needed to do something specific – and this is what we truly want, right?

2. making innovation a repeatable process, we treat innovation just like any other business process. We define each subsequent step, division of roles, measure progress. BUT, a schematic approach to innovation often kills creativity, and as we know innovation begins with it. Moreover, the process would have to undergo systematic improvement, monitoring and accountability – which also conflicts with an open culture of innovation. I know from experience that the results from this model are – diplomatically speaking – inadequate for the resources invested.

3. creation of a special (external) team for innovation that cooperates with the company’s internal departments on the basis of ‘partnership’. Such cooperation is not an easy task, because innovation always conflicts with the company’s core business. However, with proper care, extra attention, a partnership can enable large-scale innovations that do not diverge from the core business of the organization.

Nevertheless, companies generally do not even bother thinking about how to implement such cooperation – this often results from the problem of finding a reliable partner, as well as from the fear of the costs of such a venture and the real effects of such creative work.

But you know infuture.fashion now, and we can agree on all the details of cooperation so that both parties were satisfied.

Communication is the key – did someone told you this before?

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