9 reasons why entrepreneurs don’t make money

People are starting their businesses thinking is gonna be easy. They followed the luxury lifestyle dream from Instagram and ‘work on your terms’ myth from YouTube. Everything is changing when they hit the wall of not making money.

I found 9 common reasons why does it happen.

  1. They don’t want to actually WORK – they don’t want to make hands dirty.
  2. Their EGO is an enemy – people think that they know how to do things but they really don’t.
  3. They spend more money than earn – people are great at finding fake arguments on why they need to buy something, and they always want to have more things.
  4. They don’t validate ideas.
  5. They fear change – they think that they will make up a plan and everything will go as planned.
  6. They stick with only one source of income.
  7. They stay in shadow life without passion because it’s comfortable.
  8. They are scared of visibility and other people opinions.
  9. They fall into “learning obsession” believing they are working.

Would you add something to the list?

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