Are you good for yourself?

Are you good for yourself?

Many of my clients are highly respected, outgoing high achievers with a wide social net and diverse relationships, but they often struggle to be a good company to themselves.

What I offer them, and you is to remember that you will be with yourself for the rest of your life. For some, this thought brings joy and for others, this thought brings up dread.

Do you enjoy spending time with yourself?
Are you kind and sweet to yourself?
How much attention are you giving yourself?

You know…
I know the things you do… when you are alone… when no one is watching…
You doubt yourself.

You have ambitions. You want to be a high performer.

You push yourself but this not always work.

So you treat yourself like shit.

I get it. You’re stuck. You feel you’ve been going in circles with your business.
You’re asking if it’s even worth it.⁣

your growth is stagnant⁣,
you are not connecting with the right audience⁣,
you are not getting cash flow consistently,
you are not excited about your next move.

Maybe is just your brain trying to play you. Making you believe you are nothing.

I do not judge but change the existing reality.

I talk, listen and hear.

I find solutions.
Sometimes I choose between bad and bad.
I choose this lesser evil.
I create results.

How many of you out there are slapped in the face by business that supposed to give you freedom?
How many of you are stripped of their dignity by your own clients?
How many of you are there with a crack on your honour because things are not going as you expected?
How many of you are there … made mistakes and are unable to deal with the consequences?

MANY! And at the same time, few of you can reach for a foreign hand.

My clients can! I respect them for that!

They are stronger than I used to be.


P.S. Not all fashion entrepreneurs are created equal. When you are ready to become a future-proofed fashion brand here is how you can get help:

1. Order Team Strategic Session – 2 days (It involves gathering representatives of selected company departments in one place, over one goal/topic. The goal of their creative work is to generate various business concepts/ideas/options, analyze them and propose actions)

10.000 PLN net (≈ 2 185 EUR) + travel expenses and accommodation costs (Bydgoszcz, Poland – your location)

2. Hire Department – 12 months of virtual cooperation across strategy, marketing, sales and product development innovation (informed opinions, a global perspective, forward thinking, true partnership, winning approach – 100%).

To be discussed after the strategic session with your team.

3. Have 45 min* Consultation – phone or online session that takes from 45 to 90 minutes (as long as it’s needed to make the job done/ get results you want). You also get one-month access to me 24/7 through email (pick my brain, ask me all your questions, learn steps, walk away with tools)

790 PLN net (≈ 175 EUR)

4. Attend Fashion Business Expo in Dubai – 5 days, Autumn 2020, up to 12 spaces

(Main attraction Dubai Expo 2020; Airfare, accommodation, and meals are NOT included, must have at least communicative level of English)

10 000 PLN net (≈ 2 185 EUR)

Write to me

We all have 24 hours in a day. Think about it. Contact me. Talk to me. Get results. Fast.

WARNING: I never negotiate rates, I don’t break down payments into instalments. No refunds. You either want it or you don’t (begging and convincing not included).

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