Selling to the right clients in COVID – My 3H strategy

How to handle clients during coronavirus crisis? This is a question I get a lot since the pandemic began. Even more difficult is finding a way of selling to the right clients.

I found sales in this economic hardship easier. I’m not losing my mind, yet. Hear me out…

I discovered 3 types of clients during this crisis:

Hustler – we love those people. They are fighting, looking for opportunities, taking chances. They move forward, they are taking advantage of the situation. They want to grow their business. They want to build, they search for new ideas, fresh and creative ways to reach their customers.

Hoper – companies that really don’t do anything, they don’t want to risk. Often downsize (get rid of people), save cash hoping that crisis will quickly pass. The worst people to sell to right now. They are scared, they won’t buy. They are so focused on how they will survive that they don’t think about growing.

Holder– they are holding tight, they are not sure what is gonna happen. They staying in business to figure out how to work during these times. If you have a proposition for them that clearly shows step by step process, will help them reduce costs, grow revenue, expand market share – they gonna listen to you. They need a true leader to show them the way.

All you have to do is find out how your prospective client reacts to COVID, categorise it and persuade in a way that complements their response. Selling to the right clients is easy with the right strategy. Use mine and share your results.

P.S. Not all fashion entrepreneurs are created equal. When you are ready to use my 3H strategy to become a future-proofed fashion brand hit me at


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