are you offended?

People started coming to me saying „I want more of that” and they showing me my posts on social media. And often they don’t need strict help with their fashion business – what is actually the core of my business, but they want to be more themselves. They want to thrive and do not care about anything else.

Because when you get rid of all the bullshit and self-doubt life is much easier. Instantly you do things you want to, you are inspired, more creative. Your performance is completely different.

It’s so much easier to interact with other people when you are not attached to what they think about you. It’s also easier to take rapid action.

Suddenly, you are a different person – in a positive manner.

We all are searching for our true identity.

And it’s nothing bad with doing that but…

Don’t try to be me or someone else.

Be you.

And even if it’s difficult for you to easily say who you are now…

Give yourself time, don’t rush things.

Experience life, read.

The answers will come.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being different!

Moreover, I believe it is something truly needed!

We don’t need clones.

Are you offended?

You see…

if I can’t express myself,

make a silly joke around you (completely harmless)…

I don’t want you here.

I refuse to spend time with people who bullshit themselves.

I know my intentions.

I respect everyone.

But sometimes I’m not for everyone…

a lot of people doesn’t get my humour,

and that’s alright.

We just can’t be close to each other and we gonna be just fine.

I get to the point in my life when I know I don’t need to please anyone.

I don’t adjust myself.

I don’t change the masks.

I don’t search for approval.

I don’t need likes.

I changed.

I used to play different roles with people.

I tried to be one way or another to be in an accepted way for somebody else…

ex. Anna likes me being serious so around her I play a serious person.

It’s not gonna happen now.

I’m different.

Enough is enough!

I was tired of playing, pretending, putting off.


I say things as I want.

I write as I like.

Don’t like me if you see a reason.

Don’t read if you don’t like the way I write.

Don’t listen to me if you feel easily offended.

That’s fine.

I know that I’m not for everyone.

I’m cool with that!

I have enough people around me who like me,

so I don’t need approval for anybody.

It’s so easy to say that now…

but some time ago I would cry badly for any disapproval.

How did things change?

It didn’t happen overnight.

First, I was able to be me around “weak” people.

People who never have an opinion.

People unable to say no.

People who always agree.

It was much easier than with people who have a strong and high position.

People who are richer.

People more educated.

People with bigger experience.

I’m proud to be able to tell you all of that,

and do it so passionately!

I believe it will help someone.

Maybe even you, right now…

Did you experience a similar story? Maybe you are experiencing it now?

Believe me,

it’s a process.

You will get rid of things one by one,

and overtime…

you will be free again!

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