How you will lose your money in business

Without good preparation, validation of your ideas…
You may find yourself spending a LOT of money – wishing that one day you will be able to get all that money back because you really believe that your idea will succeed.


As I learnt myself
and saw many entrepreneurs doing the same…

You will lose that money!
What worse…
You will lose much more than just money!
You will lose energy,
maybe passion,
your self-belief will be down,
depression – Yep. That’s common!

You see…
Many fashion entrepreneurs invest in their idea plenty of money.
They believe that their idea is GREAT.
That it will shake the world.
That it will make the millions.

It’s good to believe in the idea,
but business is not a romance…
You must prepare yourself,
do the research – not around your family and friends,
but outside your circle!
You must validate the idea!
Invest as little as you can to do that (preferably no money investment at all!)

best way?
Go where your target customers are, ask if they would buy it, let them buy it (get money on the table!), saying that someday they will buy is not validation!
If you have found enough clients to make this idea profitable already,
go for it!
Produce whatever you just sold.
And save yourself some money, time, energy.

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