Be dangerous

Today, I was thinking about talking to investors…
what makes my negotiations so successful and what makes other people fail?
I remember a few years back, I attended the networking event where many startups have been pitching investors.
And oftentimes after (or even during) a pitch or presentation, they have been saying that they need to change their state,
they been trying to explain their low vibe, cheap talk
by personal problems and other matters.
You can’t stop your talk by saying “one sec, I need to do my power pose”
omg! Imagine that.
If you want the meeting with investors to be successful,
you must know how to look into the eyes,
how to shake their hands,
how to communicate,
Be dangerous, not careful,
have zero concern about talking to strangers.
And no,
you don’t need to fake it.
Faked can be smelled.
Make it a discipline.
Train yourself.

Question for you: who knows you?
Because if no one knows you, you are terrified – 100%,
no doubt about it,
so shout your name from the rooftop!

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