I know. You don’t believe you can

The world is full of great people.

You will fail time and time again,

you will hear no-s,

you will be betrayed,

lied to,


every damn step into the game!

But when you find your fire

and stop overthinking,

well… you will be unstoppable!

I know.

You don’t believe you can.

You are too old, too young,

too shy, too nice…

but hey, this bullshit ends today!

I mean it.

How many times will you delay your change?

You say enough but the next thing you do is turn on Netflix.

Damn man!

How many times?

Aren’t you sick?


I won’t keep you feeling bad about yourself.

There’s an opportunity for you.

I made a provocative program where I explain in a nutshell what’s going on, why we don’t have the things we want, and how to turn things upside down.

No fluff.

No already published elsewhere shit.

Are you in?

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