Call me a bitch

Everything is happening FOR me, not TO me.

I’m done with hearing excuses and complains about how hard your life is! Please don’t email/ message me about how you’re unsure if you should buy anything from me because it’s a huge investment, risk etc. You are pathetic! I’m NOT sorry to tell you that. But the reason why you are where you are it’s because of your choices. You make a decision to stay where you are and not to take freaking action! You just finding another excuse to fucking around! It means..

And let me tell you: NO ONE CARES. I’m sorry (not I’m NOT sorry!) but hearing you complaining makes me sick and I don’t care about your arguments! We all making decisions. Every single day! But the thing that something didn’t went in a way we wanted is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! I know it’s so easy to keep complaining, looking for another excuses, just to stay in our own world. We all are lazy from the nature. We love just NOT TO DO stuff. We are constantly stopping ourselfes from TAKING ACTION. It’s not a fear, money, skills, family etc..

I’m helping winners win more. I’m sick of getting desperate messages asking for help… So don’t waste my time for poor messages, begging me. I’m giving so much stuff for free- blog, social media, videos, live streams – you can eat this all. There is a lot of value! If you want to get more value, think about working with me. But remember I don’t do quick fixes. Why? I can’t fix in two hours or even a day something that you’ve been destroying for months or even years!

You have to be ready to take a leap. I still have people who message me saying how much value they get from my videos, blog posts.. and asking how we can work together. But as soon as I tell them what is the opportunity they will find an extra excuse to pass on that. Apparently they don’t have money for that or they can’t invest too much time. Any excuse will be good… If you want to pass on your life and all the opportunities, that’s fine. It’s your life. But this behaviour won’t make you successful.

Call me a bitch, but I don’t want people who are aspiring fashion professionals, who just starting out! They are dreaming about successful career or business in the fashion industry but do nothing. They are dreaming and wishing… They talk all the time about changing their lives but they don’t do it. Those people are full of shit! Their actions don’t match with what they say they wanna do. It’s like people who want to lose some weight, but everyday they order a pizza with extra cheese…

Are you serious about what you want? Are you ready to do whatever it takes?

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