There’s no substitute for uncommon expertise

For 10 years associated with the creative industry

For 7 years actively expanding sales and marketing competences

For 4 years associated with innovation management and trend research

With entrepreneurial vision, creativity and flair for dynamic action, I have been responsible for digital, sales, marketing, branding and consulting activities across multiple countries and cultures for small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups.

I have strong business credentials, I can drive growth efforts & develop new solutions across marketing, sales and strategy.

I have specific competencies to identify, design, develop, manage, monitor and assess projects, production and economic/managerial aspects.

I can build, lead & inspire a team, can analyze the human and cultural influences that play a role in business relations and commercialization, both in terms of sociology and entrepreneurial market dynamics.

I’m strategic, tactical, I get creative in the thinking process, and often says what needs to be said rather than tip-toeing around the problem.

I can creatively identify ways to improve profitability, enhance margins, achieve a sustainable competitive advantage while using insights and intuition to develop customer-facing solutions.

I deliver adaptability, creativity, empathy, flexibility, organizational awareness and relationship management, while at the same time I’m curious, insightful, inspirational and determined.

I identify changes in the market and in the fashion industry in advance and initiate innovative business activities. I help to shape the future by influencing other players, overcoming the dominant mental models, and breaking with the dependence on the path.


P.S. Not all fashion entrepreneurs are created equal. When you are ready to become a future-proofed fashion brand here is how you can get help:

1. Order Strategic Session with Your Team – 2 days (It involves gathering representatives of selected company departments in one place, over one goal/topic. The goal of their creative work is to generate various business concepts/ideas/options, analyze them and propose actions)

10.000 PLN net (2 183,80 euro) + travel expenses and accommodation costs (Bydgoszcz, Poland – your location)

2. Hire Department – 12 months of virtual cooperation (informed opinions, global perspective, forward thinking, a true partnership, winning approach 100%).

To be discussed after the strategic session with your team.

3. Have 45 min Consultation – phone or online session with one-month email support (pick my brain, ask me all your questions, learn steps, walk away with tools)

790 PLN net (173 euro)

4. Attend Fashion Business Expo in Dubai – 5 days, Autumn 2020, up to 12 spaces

(Main attraction Dubai Expo 2020; Airfare, accommodation, and meals are NOT included, must have at least communicative level of English)

10 000 PLN net (2 183,80 euro)

Write to me

We all have 24 hours in a day. Think about it. Contact me. Talk to me. Get results. Fast.

WARNING: I never negotiate rates, I don’t break down payments into instalments. You either want it or you don’t (begging and convincing not included).

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