A company that doesn’t grow is sick

Do you have a company? Are you a freelancer?

Is your business growing?

Take any company size indicator – number of clients, revenues, number of orders – and compare them a year to year, quarter to quarter. How does it look like?

Even if you earn money, but your business is not growing – it is SICK. And you have no reason to be satisfied. And I’ll tell you why.

So far, I have divided people into two categories: employees and business owners. Today, I would like to add the third, most terrifying. It occurs when your business stands still – you become an employee in your own business for the rest of your life. With no chance for a raise, no promotion, in constant threat of bankruptcy.

If you are motivated by the vision of working in your own company chasing the next small, short term contract, otherwise you’ll end up depressed.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to go your own way? Do it, I’m the last person to stop you. I will support you from the beginning.

I am asking you for one thing. Understand the difference between these three types: employee, an employee in your own company and entrepreneur. And then set up the company exactly what you dream about.

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