How Innovation Play Hard to Get

INNOVATION. It’s the lifeblood of the global economy and a strategic priority for every CEO around the world, in every industry.

But hey, if innovation is so popular shouldn’t we be the masters at it? Well…
Innovation wasn’t born yesterday and for centuries we are trying our best to discover a one-fits-all solution to make it right. But the reality challenging us in unexpected ways so that our focus gets anywhere it like.
We can say we are innovators. We can claim that our company value is innovation. We can set innovation as a job requirement. But those are just words.

As far as it gets, innovation means nothing today. The innovation here and there, and absolutely everywhere but what I found is that only 3% of companies truly innovate. What’s with the rest?

Why it is so hard to get?

Innovation requires being comfortable with uncertainty, leading and executing in unfamiliar territory, divergent thinking, convergent action, and influential communication. Sounds simple, but it’s almost impossible to get.


If it would be easy everyone would be successful right now.

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