Consultant as ‘lord and master’

I am fed up with what is happening in the business consultant market.

What counts is cash and nothing more matters?

The client has to apologize for being alive?

Do not ask, do not raise objections …

best not talk at all!

Consultant as ‘lord and master’

I shake my head and ask: What the fuck is this?!

And try to enter the market with a free consultation…

you immediately hear ‘stupidy’ from competitors,

and the customer looks for a catch…

because no one else works like that,

something must be wrong…

is this a new trick, a catch for naive customers?

Is it a sales call?


It’s a desire for real help, like a human to human.

It’s a desire to do something that nobody does and to prove that such actions make sense.

it’s a desire to create an industry and a market, not passively watching how milk spill out …

I will not advertise myself, you know what I do.

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