I would forbid running a business


Releasing people without notice, without explaining, without talking, without numbers, without facts … like a square in excel …. delete???!!! People, aren’t you afraid of God?!

You have no shame! Do not pay leasing, credit, social security, tax … but do not fire people!!! Don’t treat people like rubbish. And you want help from the government?!
I wouldn’t give you a damn penny!

Before you, fire people, explain!

Before you downsize, ask if he can survive without money, because there is no money!

Before you slow down, TRY HARDER!

If it’s necessary – stay a human. Be honest.

Today my client signed an agreement suspending financial obligations. Postponement for the moment. At least. Loans reduced for 6 months to interest-only … People informed on a regular basis that it can be difficult and that we are looking for ways… Sometimes I need to deal with really tough problems of my clients. Business is not always all roses and sunshine.

Where are these people going!? I understand that you may need to downsize your company but if you fire people without notice, you pack their bags and show them the doors… who will come to you afterwards?! And who will buy your products if you contribute to the crisis yourself!?

Make an effort. Don’t be an asshole!

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