‘did I really say that’ girl

Did I really say that?
Did I really do that?
Sometimes I call myself “too much”…
but lately, I was thinking about how people communicate,
and I came to some conclusions.
When I communicate with high-calibre clients it’s easier,
THEY don’t call me TOO MUCH,
for THEM my messages are… normal.
Straight to the point,
no fluff,
no sugar,
just essential info.
People who call me on my “unprofessional language” are the people who…
don’t have a business or have a really tiny one.
And those are not MY people.
What I’m trying to say is,
we are all making some kind of scenarios in little heads of ours
but it is worth stopping for a sec and really thinking through.
Why beat yourself if the people you communicate to don’t really care.
Damn stupid, right?

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